RosamariaTrack Listing

1. Roberto (5:06)
2. De Causalidad (3:21)
3. El Principe (4:22)
4. Rumba (7:14)
5. Agua Dulce (3:32)
6. Rosamaria (4:28)
7. Malaguena (6:26)
8. Sonambulo (2:21)
9. Rumba (Live) (8:18)

Guitarist Ed Stephenson’s (Stefanyshyn) latest CD, “Rosamaria,” named in honor of his mother, is one of the most progressive offerings in the Nuevo Flamenco genre.  Legendary music and film producer/manager, Ray Williams (Elton John, Sonny and Cher, Cream, The Last Emperor) was the catalyst that brought an international cast of musicians to Michael Tiemann’s state of the art Manifold Recording studio.  This Soulful, technically brilliant, genre expanding CD is not limited to traditional guitar virtuosity.  It has splashes of shredding electric guitar in “Malagueña,” and haunting pristine vocals in “Agua Dulce” and “Sonámbulo.” The title track, “Rosamaria,” builds into an all-out fulmination of percussion, Flamenco footwork, castanets, and flute layered over the ever-present foundation of the brilliant guitar playing of Stephenson.

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